Gerry Freeman

Gerry "Screamin'" Freeman The Guitar Demon
Gerry "Screamin'" Freeman The Guitar Demon
Bass Guitar

Originally from Connecticut. Moved to Georgia back in 1994.

I started playing guitar at age 15. Initially it was Michael Schenker that was my main inspiration/guitar hero. He was quickly followed up by Gary Moore and then Yngwie.

I was in local original bands way back when in CT. Those never really went anywhere, but they were fun and I got to meet a lot of great musicians.

Once I was in GA, I mostly just played on my own and jammed with musician friends for quite a while. I started really playing in local cover bands in GA in 2011-2012. First was Driven..which actually had a bunch of fantastic local players come through. Initially it was me and Paul Catapano. Once we left Driven, we both went together into my new band Priest of the Iron Ryche. One of our local guitar heroes, Taylor Washington (Paladin, Theocracy, others..) joined up with Driven after Paul and I left. Taylor is amazing and has grown and built his own original band. I had seen Iron Mullet a bunch of times, and became friends with Craig and the rest of the band. After meeting/playing/becoming good friends over the years, I was finally able to join Craig and Iron Mullet officially. I told him the reason I formed my own band in the 1st place was because I could never seem to join his..totally true! Thankfully the stars finally aligned and I was able to join the mighty Iron Mullet full time.I love all the guys and I love all the classic metal we get to play.

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